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Custom Home Plans allows you to create a truly unique home plan. Please take some time and check out the articles we have as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section. When you are ready to get started, please follow the link to our questionnaire.  Once you have completed it, we will contact you about gathering all the information needed to start your plan.

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Things to consider when choosing a Supply Vendor

Established Local Company - Choose a locally owned Company that has been in business at least 20 years. They will be a good source in selecting labor and other qualified trades.


Personal Sales Person - Select an individual specifically assigned to your account who you feel comfortable with, that shows interest and demonstrates his or her knowledge in assisting with your project. Always have a face to face meeting to determine your comfort level with the individual.


Package Pricing - Buy as much as you can from a single source. The more you buy from one source the more likely you receive the best pricing and the best service. Also, problems that may arise can be resolved quickly with one phone call, saving time and money during the construction process.


Budget Keepers - Finally; choose vendors who are willing to work within your budget. In doing this you will find companies and individuals who have a greater interest helping you accomplish your dream home with realistic expectations while avoiding costly overruns.


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